“Kong: Skull Island” Directors Tears Apart Critique

There’s no question that Honest Trailers has laid the foundation for an entire industry whose main currency is snarky reviews. That said, it comes as little surprise that some of the other videocasts that operate in the same arena pile on the negativity for no real reason beyond just being a downer.

Recently the team over at CinemaSins picked apart director Jordan Vogt-Roberts mostly well received and successful box-office hit “Kong: Skull Island”. Rather than taking it lying down though, the filmmaker is fighting back with a series of tweets critiquing their critique.

The full conversation is on Twitter, here’s the edited highlights:

“I just wanted to point out why these videos are infuriating. They’re often just wrong or think they’re smarter than you. I love film criticism and I love reading negative reviews if the author makes compelling and well-written arguments… I make movies because I love film. These guys are just trolling the art form we love and profiting from it while dumbing the conversation.”

Legendary and Warner Bros.’ Kong: Skull Island” closed off its theatrical run with $566 million worldwide. Here’s the CinemaSins video in question.