“Justice League” Post-Credits Scene Confirmed

“Man of Steel” and “Wonder Woman” didn’t have one, “Suicide Squad” did, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was going to but ultimately didn’t and ended up posting it online.

Now, actor Jason Momoa has confirmed that the upcoming “Justice League” film will have a post-credits scene, and from the sounds of it there’s something to it. In an interview with BBC Radio 2, the host asked Momoa if fans should sit through the credits:

“They do. You’ve gotta sit through the whole thing. Go through the credits… I’m not usually someone to stay through the credits – I got excited. Listen, I walked out with my kids. And everyone was like, ‘Ooh, ooh, ooh!’ and I had to run back in because I forgot that it was in the script.”

As part of the same interview, Momoa spoke about playing Aquaman and the differences we’ll see in his character in “Justice League” and next year’s solo film with his character:

“[Justice League] is kind of like a weekend in Aquaman’s life. When people see it, he’s very gruff, he stirs the pot, he’s kind of a devil’s advocate, he’s kind of grumpy. But I’ve just finished my solo movie, and you really get to see where this beautiful boy came from and what his life was like and what was ripped away from him. And how he kind of became who he was, and who he lost, and why he’s covering up so many things. So once we get here, you really get to see him at his lowest. Doesn’t like Atlantis, doesn’t like humans, and he wants to be left alone. It makes you curious about what happened to him. And then we’re going to have to see that character eventually turn into the kind and unite the land and sea, so it has a lot of places to go.”

The comments come as Ben Affleck has remained reticent to confirming he’ll do more Batman movies, telling Extra TV that: “we’ll see what the future holds”. The focus beyond ‘League’ and “Aquaman” is on “Wonder Woman 2” and “Flashpoint” with the latter expected to secure a director fairly soon.

“Justice League” hits cinemas on November 17th.