“Doctor Sleep” Director Talks That Trailer

Doctor Sleep Director Talks That Trailer

Following the debut of the first trailer for “The Shining” sequel “Doctor Sleep” this morning, the film’s director Mike Flanagan spoke with Coming Soon about the film and answered some key questions the new trailer brings up.

The new film opens with Ewan McGregor as a grown-up Danny Torrance, now an adult with a drinking problem who hasn’t used his ‘shine’ in decades. He soon begins to use it for comfort in his job at a nursing home to ease dying patients into a painless, fearless passing on.

Flanagan says he sees “The Shining” as a story about addiction, and this as a story about recovery. He also confirms those scenes from “The Shining” were all shot last year in Atlanta as part of this movie with only one key exception: “The only scene we used from the Kubrick film was the bloody elevator.”

One aim with the film was that they tried to both honor King’s original novel and Kubrick’s film which the author famously hated. He’s succeeded it seems as he says: “both King and the Kubrick Estate liked the film”

The project marks Flanagan’s second King adaptation following “Gerald’s Game” in 2017 for Netflix. “Doctor Sleep” opens in cinemas on November 8th.