Disney Pulling “Frozen” Short From “Coco”?

Following the backlash against it online, Disney Studios is reported to be pulling their 21-minute short film “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” from screenings of Pixar’s “Coco”.

A user on Reddit says their cinema received a note from Disney asking that their theater stops “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” from playing starting Friday, December 8th and asks that the extra time for cutting out the short will be replaced with an extra daily showing of “Coco” by the cinema.

“Coco” opened to rave reviews and has retained the box-office crown in its second weekend with a further $26.1 million domestically, a healthy 47% decline from its debut last weekend. To date it has earned $108.7 million in North America alone.

However the “Frozen” short, a repurposed TV special as opposed to a deliberate short, has gotten people fuming – especially parents with young kids who have to sit through 20 minutes of trailers and 21 minutes of “Frozen” short to get to the film they want to see. Backlash on social media channels has been swift and harsh.