“Deadpool 2” Rumored To Have Cut Villain

The upcoming “Deadpool” sequel seems pretty stuffed as is with Josh Brolin’s Cable, Zazie Beetz’s Domino and the other members of the X-Force along with all the returning characters from the first film.

As a result, we’ve yet to really hear anything about the film’s villain. We do know that Jack Kesy plays one of the villains in the film, with rumors painting him as the primary baddie ‘Black Tom Cassidy’. However, the character has yet to appear in any of the film’s promotional material.

Now The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider has appeared on Meet The Movie Press (via The Playlist and indicates the actor and character will apparently no longer be making an appearance. This hasn’t been confirmed at this point, though we do know some reshoots took place earlier this year, mostly to focus on more Cable and the like.

David Leitch helms the film which opens May 18th.