“CHiPs” Reboot Is An R-Rated Nudity Fest

Next year it won’t be just “Baywatch” that’s getting a big screen reboot, so will the classic 1970s action series “CHiPs”. Unlike “Baywatch” though which is going for silly laughs, this one is aiming for a slightly more serious and adult tone.

Dax Shepard and Michael Pena star as Jon and Ponch, the two California Highway Patrol cops of the original series, in a project which Shepard himself directed. Speaking about it with EW this week, he confirmed that not only is the movie rated R, but this buddy cop action comedy is proud of that rating and the raunchier direction they intend to take the material:

“There’s female nudity. There’s more me nudity than probably any other nudity. And then yeah, there’s a lot of adult material and sexual stuff and naughty language.”

Shepard also says it isn’t a straight spoof either, but a semi-serious take which he described as “Bad Boys” and “Lethal Weapon” in style. Talking about the film he says:

“Michael Pena’s character, he plays Ponch, is an FBI agent who’s asked to go undercover within the CHP to help them figure out which cops are dirty.

I am a retired ex-games writer who doesn’t know how to do anything but ride a motorcycle. In an attempt to save my marriage I decide I have to get a new job and the only thing I can do is ride a motorcycle. My wife’s dad’s a cop. Maybe this will woo her back.

I join without any necessary desire to be a cop, which I think is the fun of the movie. You have one guy who’s an FBI agent, so he has no reverie for the institution of the CHP and then you have another guy who’s two days on the job and doesn’t have any reverie. Two guys who don’t really necessarily care all that much about upholding any kind of CHP standard.”

Vincent D’Onofrio stars as the villain, a former LAPD cop kicked off the force and now leading a group of car thieves. Adam Brody, Rosa Salazar, Kristen Bell, David Koechner and Jane Kaczmarek also star in the film which opens March 24th.