Bruhl, Dance, Ifans Joining “Kingsman” Prequel

Bruhl Dance Ifans Joining Kingsman Prequel

Daniel Bruhl (“The Alienist”) and Charles Dance (“Game of Thrones”) have signed on while Matthew Goode (“Watchmen”) and Rhys Ifans (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) are in talks to join the upcoming “Kingsman” prequel at 20th Century Fox.

The film takes place in the early 1900s and would follow the gestation of the UK gentleman spy agency, and will have more of a period drama feel than a high-energy action thriller like the two previous movies.

Matthew Vaughn is expected to helm the project, titled “Kingsman: The Great Game,” in which Harris Dickinson plays cocky young WW1 hero Conrad eager to continue serving his country. Ralph Fiennes will play his mentor. Specifics of the other roles are under wraps bar Ifans who would play a dangerous and manipulative Russian mystic.

“Kingsman: The Great Game” is set to begin filming in January in the UK ahead of a November 8th 2019 release.

Source: Collider