“Bond 25” Ditching Danny Boyle’s Script

Though there’s still no new director hired yet, EON Productions appears to be moving again on the next James Bond film with a key decision – they’re dumping the current script.

The production originally began to develop a film with regular series scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who’ve been with the franchise since 1999’s “The World is Not Enough”. Director Danny Boyle then came up with a whole new pitch and got writer John Hodge to develop it over months.

As Boyle departed the project last month over creative differences, it wasn’t clear if the producers would retain the script work he’d done so far or not. Now though it looks like they’re not with The Daily Mail reporting that the Hodge-penned script is being scrapped in favor of the Purvis and Wade original treatment that had been developed prior to Boyle’s involvement.

The problem? All they did was a treatment, not an actual script draft which they’re set to work on now and will likely then undergo a polish by the new director and whichever writer that person might bring onboard. All indications are the Purvis and Wade treatment is a different story to the Boyle script and so all previous casting talk is pretty much out the window.

The new film is now facing delays of up to a year before it scores a release which will now probably be in late 2020.