Blumhouse Teases Its Horror Franchise Future

Blumhouse Teases Its Horror Franchise Future

When Universal Pictures proposed ‘Dark Universe’ cinematic universe of classic monsters fell flat on its face as “The Mummy” remake disappointed, it seemed as if the whole initiative had been quietly buried.

Even more than the DCEU or Marvel’s aborted Sinister Six film plans, It became the textbook example of a studio trying to run before it could walk when it comes to forward planning.

Universal is also the home of producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, the low-budget genre thriller production company which has made a fortune regularly turning out cost-effective films that become hits ranging from “Happy Death Day” to “The Purge” franchise.

During a recent Twitter Q&A session, Blum expressed interest in taking over the Dark Universe should Universal let him saying “Yes!!!!” rather emphatically. Blumhouse is also involved in this Fall’s “Halloween” revival, and Blum was asked if they plan to continue in that vein and bring back other classic horror franchises.

He responded: “the chances are excellent” and then went on to confirm he’s tried to get the rights to do another “Friday the 13th” several times, but that franchise is currently in a legal quagmire. He also confirms he’s tried to get the rights to “The Crow” franchise as well.

The new “Halloween” opens on October 19th.