A24 Releases Cryptic Mystery Trailer

In the past year or so, distributor A24 has become what Fox Searchlight was at its peak several years ago – a distributor noted for its quality line-up.

They’ve had a few misfires such as “Sea of Trees,” “Dark Places,” and “The Captive,” but otherwise you can’t fault them for releasing quality films including “Moonlight,” “Ex Machina,” “Green Room,” “Krisha,” “American Honey,” “The Rover,” “The Lobster,” “The Witch,” “The End of the Tour,” “Locke,” “A Most Violent Year,” “Room,” “Swiss Army Man,” “Enemy” and “Under the Skin”.

The company has about ten films on its slate for 2017 so far, but today they used their YouTube channel to release a trailer for a mysterious new untitled sci-fi project which doesn’t appear to match anything on their slate and which seems like something along the lines of a Shane Carruth film.

The clip doesn’t boast recognisable stars or a title, labelled ‘Untitled’, but when the clip was first uploaded the file name was “Tos Tsr Witness Final X264”. Whatever the project is, they’re keeping it completely under wraps for now.