2020 Oscars Likely To Be Hostless Again

2020 Oscars Likely To Be Hostless Again

There was plenty of speculation, backlash, controversy and trepidation going into this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, but when Oscar night rolled around the show ended up being pretty slick.

A shortened runtime and a lack of host proved something of a boon, keeping things tight and also increased ratings at a time when awards shows only seem to lose viewers year-upon-year.

In an interview with The Live Feed this week, ABC’s entertainment president Karey Burke revealed that next year’s Oscars ceremony might be a very similar show which aims to build off the successes of this year, a lot of which she puts down to having hit movies in contention:

“Three movies up for best picture made over $200 million. They deserve a lot of the credit. And so many people tuned in to see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing. Every time that clip is watched, it’s got the ABC bug in the corner. I love that. It’s going to be in every promo reel I do. People tuned in expecting to see a train wreck and got a good show instead.”

She also says talk of next year’s plans are underway and a hostless show is likely to be on the cards again: “We’re having those conversations with the Academy right now. We are extremely happy with how the show went. Odds are you’ll see us repeating what we consider to be a successful formula.”