Where “Transformers” Goes After “Last Knight”

In the wake of the trailer release last night, quotes from various outlet visits to the set of “Transformers: The Last Knight” have popped up online with director Michael Bay and producer Lorenzo DiBonaventua discussing pretty much everything they can about the future of the franchise. Lets break down the biggest reveals:

Further Sequels
Outlines exist for the next two sequels with writing on the scripts not happening until the basics of the fifth film were settled on and it went into production. DiBonaventura says:

“I think [six and seven] are probably the next conversation now that we really know where we’re headed. I think we have enough under our belt now to make that judgment. And we also designed the [writer’s] room that we can do standalone movies. So I think that’s always hard, to step away from an established sequence and go, ‘You know what? We’re just going to do a standalone movie.’ So in that sense, we’re still digesting that kind of process. Does Transformers 6 have to relate to the five before it? That’ll be an ongoing debate right through making it, I’m sure.'”

The Bumblebee Spin-Off
DiBonaventura says the spin-off film, currently being penned by Christian Hodson, may not have other Transformers in it: “It’s Bumblebee’s story. I don’t think you’ll see a lot more [Transformers] in it. We’ll see as it evolves. But in the treatment form? No.”

The Animated Cybertron Film
The animated film set on Cybertron is still in the works with the script currently being worked on. Not officially a prequel to the five “Transformers” films, DiBonaventura says it would fit in anyway:

“It’s in continuity with the mythology, so, yeah. Our deep dive into Cybertron will have some continuity to that. There is a – I won’t say a relationship, but I’ll say it’s touching on relatively the same time period, so I think in that sense, there’s a direct relationship. We’re not trying to affect the animated movie, and the animated movie is not trying to mimic or take from [the live-action films]. It’s just we’re taking from the same general area.

The animated movie is not Earth-based. That’s a Cybertron-based movie. But I think all of us involved, to keep it relatable, you need an Earth relationship to it. It’s not necessary, but I think we like it/”

Don’t expect crossovers with other Hasbro toy franchises like “G.I. Joe” or “M.A.S.K.,” this is one franchise that isn’t trying to expand its cinematic universe too far:

“No, we’re keeping [Transformers] separate for the moment. I don’t know if Hasbro, in their secret plans, have [crossover plans]. They’ve never brought it up.”

Transformers VR
Bay confirms he’s working on a “Transformers” VR project with IMAX and Industrial Light & Magic. Bay, who has criticised the tech at the moment because “there’s no content” for it, says originally the project was going to be just three minutes until he wanted to go bigger:

“They said three minutes. And I go, where are the rules? There are no rules. So I said, let’s do something like nine minutes, you know. And where it’s active and you got a little story. It’s fun. It’s not active the whole time. But you feel things coming right over you. You gotta duck.”

When discussing how IMAX is involved, Bay mentioned using pods which will be crafted for theaters: “They’re gonna build pods in theaters around the world. There are all these massive theaters, but they don’t use every theater. So they’ll build like 30 pods.” He also says they’re using a special VR camera that doesn’t require taking video from multiple cameras to digitally create a VR experience.

Source: io9