“Wandering Earth” Makes $300M Over CNY Holiday

Wandering Earth Makes 300m Over Cny Holiday

China’s first blockbuster sci-fi feature “The Wandering Earth” dominated the box office over the Chinese New Year holidays. Over six days in the Middle Kingdom, the picture earned $304 million with $187 million of that in the Friday-Sunday period.

Compare that to the $38.2 million “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” earned in six countries, or the $34.4 million that “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” opened to in the United States over the Friday-Sunday period.

Equity analyst Zhang Heng tells The South China Morning Post: “The market did not expect its box office performance to be so spectacular, because domestic sci-fi films were not very popular in the past.”

In the film, Earth governments rally and unite to face the problem of an expanding Sun. The solution – blast the planet out of orbit and use Jupiter’s gravity to slingshot it into a long journey to a new home 4.2 light years away. Trouble is, a malfunction leaves the planet caught in Jupiter’s gravity and gradually pulls it toward destruction.

Though an official budget estimate hasn’t been released, reports suggest the movie’s production budget came in at around $74 million. Reviews for the film have levelled criticisms that mirror that of many Hollywood blockbusters from gushy sentimentality, to underserved female characters and plot holes galore.

Source: The Guardian