Transformers 4 Heading To China?

Paramount is reportedly angling to set Michael Bay’s fourth “Transformers” feature in mainland China.

The hope is that by filming in China, the studio could both potentially partner with a local production company and score a wide release in that country. The Chinese only exhibit 3D and/or IMAX films, not a problem for “Transformers” which will almost certainly make use of both technologies.

Also partly filming in the country pretty much guarantees it will be screened there, as will co-producing it with a Chinese production company. If it does the latter, it would then classify it as a domestic film and thus receive more advantageous scheduling.

Due to strict quotas, just 34 foreign films are allowed to be released in the country each year. Those that get in have access to the second-largest international market in the world, topped only by Japan which it will surpass by this time next year.

At this time though, a Paramount spokesperson says the script to the movie is still being written, and the film is presently “not a Chinese co-production and that’s where things stand right now.”

Source: Vulture