The Random Spiel: January 9th 2007

– More on-set photos are out of Matt Damon in action and tight-fitting clothing – those abs still look good.

-The first official photo is out of Will Smith in the post-apocalyptic actioneer “I Am Legend”.

-At CES in Las Vegas they just premiered a killer fight sequence from Spider-Man 3 at the Sony booth. Check out the full description.

-A first look at the Patrick Tatopoulos-created creature, called the Moorwen, in the sci-fi action/adventure film “Outlander”.

-Some new images of Idris Elba and Harold Perrineau from “28 Weeks Later”.

-The writers of “Family Guy” are back at work on new episodes of the animated sitcom.

-An early look at the cover art for the novel adaptation of “Transformers”.

-The entire soundtrack is online for the interesting looking Samuel L. Jackson flick “Black Snake Moan”.