The Joker Gets 1989 Film Name In Comics

Fans of Tim Burton’s original 1989 “Batman” film will get a kick out of the news today from writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy who has revealed on social media that The Joker’s “real” name in the upcoming comic “Batman: White Knight” will be none other than Jack Napier.

That was the name of Jack Nicholson’s version of the character before his falling into a vat of chemicals turned him into The Joker. In the comic, the character re-enters civilian life after having been cured of his criminal insanity. The Jack Napier name will serve as his new identity.

This marks the first time the name Jack Napier has been in a comic (that’s not a Burton adaptation), although this will be a much different take on the character than that which come before. The first issue of this seven-issue mini-series debuts on October 4th.