“Star Wars: Underworld” Test Footage Online

Star Wars Underworld Test Footage Online

While the launch of “The Mandalorian” last year on Disney+ marked the first live-action “Star Wars” TV series to make it to the air, it wasn’t the first to be put in development.

Famously, and a few years before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, director George Lucas was working on a TV series dubbed “Star Wars: Underworld” that would be set between the prequel and original trilogies and chronicle the rise of the Empire.

Approximately fifty scripts were written and the initial plan was for there to be 100 42-minute instalments. However concerns over the cost caused the proposed series, and its related “Star Wars 1313” video game, to be shelved.

Ten years on, some test footage and a featurette for the series have gone online this morning showcasing what the show might have looked like. The footage was produced by Stargate Studios and Lucasfilm, Stargate Studios having since gone on to work on shows like “Doctor Who,” “The Orville” and “The Walking Dead”.

Source: Comicbook.com