“Star Wars Rebels” Sequel Series Planned?

Star Wars Rebels Sequel Series Planned

The recent “Star Wars: Resistance” has been a disappointment, failing to snag either the acclaim or interest of the previous animated shows set in the “Star Wars” universe like ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels’.

Now, a new report at KS Transmissions (via SW Unity) reveals that a follow-up to “Star Wars: Rebels” is in the works, one that would put the focus on fan-favourite Jedi Ashoka Tano and Sabine Wren as they attempt to track down Ezra Bridger.

The report suggests Dave Filoni will be involved in some capacity, but likely won’t be showrunner due to his “The Mandalorian” commitments. The new ‘Rebels’ show though is said to be targeting a release sometime this year.

It would also follow on from the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” follow-up, that batch of twelve episodes from a new seventh and final season hit in February.