Sleepy Hollow S3 To Be Lighter, Less Dense

Along with a major shake-up of the cast, one thing you can expect from the upcoming third season of FOX’s fantasy drama “Sleepy Hollow” is a change of focus and tone.

Whilst the show’s first season was a balance of fun and dark with more of a character-based style, the second season went darker, more mythology and plot-based, and more ensemble in nature. Fans did not respond well to the change.

As a result, Fox CEO Dana Waldon tells TV Line that the show is going back to the earlier model:

“What we asked for [in Season 3] was a bit of a return to the storytelling model of the first season – a bit more of the fun instead of such a deep mythology that got a little bit dense.

Our observation was that a lot of the show had moved into the fantastical world, where it used to be a show that was weighted very evenly between Abbie in the real world and Ichabod in the fantastical. We’re trying to shift it back to a more even-handed storytelling engine.”

New episodes of the series are set to start on Thursday, October 1st.