“She-Hulk” & “Moon Knight” Set Their Writers

She Hulk Moon Knight Set Their Writers

Marvel’s push into streaming is the cornerstone of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, integrating the narrative across both films and the various announced Disney+ limited event series. In the process they are clearing the decks of the other Marvel TV produced shows on the likes of Netflix, Freeform and ABC.

While most of the announced series for ‘Phase Four’ have tied into existing MCU characters, in August it was announced Marvel was also working on three more shows with all new characters: “Ms. Marvel,” “She-Hulk” and “Moon Knight”.

Today comes word that “Rick & Morty” writer Emmy winner Jessica Gao (who penned the famed “Pickle Rick” episode), is set to develop and lead the writing team for “She-Hulk”. In addition, “The Umbrella Academy” series developer and creator Jeremy Slater will develop and lead the writing team for “Moon Knight”.

These mark the first word on further creative development on both series since they were announced by Marvel head Kevin Feige in August.

In the comics, “Moon Knight” is a cloaked avenger who was a mercenary left for dead resurrected by the ancient Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu in exchange for being his avatar on Earth. Marc would later return to New York City and become both a millionaire entrepreneur and the superhero known as Moon Knight. He also suffers from a dissociative identity disorder.

“She-Hulk” is Bruce Banner’s cousin who acquires a milder version of his Hulk condition, becoming a large, powerful green-hued version of herself while still largely retaining her personality including her intelligence and emotional control.

The talk comes as a rumor has also gone online this week suggesting an “Ironheart” series adaptation may be in very early development.

Source: THR