Seth Green for “Austin Powers in Goldmember”

Seth Green has been on the scene for years. The eloquent 24 -year old is best known for his work in Buffy, but other credits include The Hotel New Hampshire, Big Business and To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and many films in between. More recently he was seen in such diverse projects as Rat Race, and the TV series Greg the Bunny. Apart from his co-starring role as Scott Evil in Austin Powers in Goldmember, he is about to start work on The Italian Job and has Party Monster next year. Paul Fischer caught up with Green in Los Angeles.

Question: Is this movie going to be the end of the franchise, do you think?

Answer: It’s not my choice to make. I don’t have any expectation of it. I really don’t have any expectation of it going any further than this. I feel like it is a fitting end and is a well-tied together trilogy. So, if Mike Myers and (screenwriter) Mike McCullers decide that there’s a story left to tell, we’ll go from there.

Question: But you’d be willing to do it?

Answer: I don’t see me resisting being a part of this group, but I’d take the same stance as I did for the second one and the third one where it’s got to be the script. If it’s a good script, if there’s a story worth telling and it makes sense and it’s as good as the last one, you know, then yeah, of course I’d do it.

Question: What is “it” about your co-star Beyonce Knowles that is making her the current “it” girl?

Answer: I can’t speak to what’s “it,” but as far as Beyonce is concerned, she’s just talented. She’s talented and she’s kind and gracious. All of those elements are very appealing when combined. There’s a lot of talent without grace and there’s a lot of success without kindness and when you see someone with those qualities, you gravitate towards them.

Question: Beyonce was telling us she can’t land a boyfriend. Do you believe that? Do you think she’s intimidating?

Answer: Here’s what I suspect. I suspect that the type of people she is able to meet in the places she may go or the environments – I know that when I go out or when I have gone out, the type of women that are willing to come up to me are never women that I want to get together with. You know what I mean?

Question: Why?

Answer: How do you define that? You meet someone…first of all, I think it’s a really unfair advantage to start a relationship. It’s an awkward foundation when someone’s really familiar with you or believes that they are and they’re completely a stranger to you – that’s not a fair basis to begin a healthy and successful future relationship. I don’t see it working. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it hasn’t been my experience. So, I can imagine for her that most guys who would be the kind of guys she’d want to go out with are not bold enough or brazen enough or obnoxious enough to approach her. And the types of guys that are – are not the guys she wants to get together with. We haven’t talked about it, but that’s my suspicion based on all the interviews I’ve read of models.

Question: What was it about Greg the Bunny?

Answer: What was it? Did you watch it? You know what it was. You know exactly what it was. I couldn’t resist that. It was so unbelievably creative and fun and it was just something unlike…something like things that I’d seen that I loved. And when I had that opportunity, I can’t turn it down. And I met those guys – I met Dan (Milano) and Spencer (Chinoy) – and they were just the real deal. I knew there was nothing that was going to keep me from doing that show.

Question: What are you working on?

Answer: I’m about to start a movie called The Italian Job, which is a remake of The Italian Job. It’s a faithful re-telling, but it’s modernized.

Question: The look of the original had a really specific “look” and “style” that defined that picture. Is this remake going for the same thing?

Answer: It’s not. It’s original in all those details. We do have the Mini’s though. It’s really cool. I play a guy that didn’t really exist – I’m the technical guy. I’m the satellite/computer guy – a role I’ve honed. But I get to play a live-wire thief, which is fun. I like doing things like that. I just finished this movie Party Monster. I’m sure we’ll be talking about that in a couple of months and I’ve got Knockaround Guys coming out in October.

Question: Will you talk a little about the plot to Party Monster and who you’re playing?

Answer: Well, do you remember the club kids in the early ’90s that were on all the talk shows? This is that story.

Question: This is the movie with Macaulay Culkin?

Answer: Yeah, and let me say something about that. He is just going to blow you guys away. He is one of the most tremendously impressive individuals, both personally and professionally. He’s really got it together. It’s so funny because so much of what the public really sees is all just calculated playing. You’ve got to look at a guy who is in that position at such a young age with so many people acting so ridiculous all around him publicly and then orchestrating that and sitting at home and knowing that you’ve made everybody nuts for five minutes by dying your hair magenta. It’s very funny. I’m excited about the movie. I think we made a good movie.

Question: What about Knockaround Guys?

Answer: Knockaround Guys. I’m just glad because we made this movie a couple of years ago and it got tied up when New Line went through all its marketing department and hierarchy changes. All these movies just fell by the wayside and it was just so frustrating letting it sit because the longer something sits, the more people think it’s no good and that’s just not the case. This movie is great, it just got held up. Finally, they found a date and what’s funny is, they moved it up to the 12th of October. The company’s really behind it and there’s going to be a big push.