Review: “Shanghai Noon”

I’m the first to admit that I’ve never been a big Jackie Chan fan though what I have seen of him, the one element I truly like is that he’s not afraid to have some fun. On its own “Shanghai Noon” isn’t a particularly remarkable movie, though its pretty good for Summer film fare and better than the competition which opened the same day in the US (ie. M:I-2).

That said Chan and co-star Wilson prove a very surprisingly watchable duo and you do find yourselves rooting for them despite the rather unimaginative script. The action is mostly real life stunts (not many computer graphics here folks) and thus makes them a little more impressive than they might otherwise have been.

While the heroes are good, the rest of the cast isn’t. Liu is stuck in her worst role yet as the helpless princess, while the baddies are completely forgettable (what was his name again?) and don’t even get me started on that Indian bride who always seems to be around at the right moment.

The visuals ranging from the costumes to some rather sweeping shots of the Rockies and the Forbidden City in Beijing are quite classier than usual for a production like this and so while they fell a little out of place they’re still quite welcome. It may not be a highlight of the Summer but its certainly an above average effort and worth checking out if you have the time.