Review: “Play it to the Bone”

This low-budget road…I wouldn’t use the term comedy, is a disappointing but on occasion half-decent flick about boxing. The plot is paper thin, the dialogue pathetic, but the actors help lift a very mundane script into a vaguely watchable flick.

Lolita Davidovich comes out the best as a feisty woman whose been involved with both boxers at one time or another – she’s assertive, cool, but not an aggressive bitch at all. Banderas also survives the film intact playing the boxer who just split with her and has a brief secret about his past sexual history – one which Harrelson’s character is frighteningly fixated on for most of the film.

Whereas Banderas is soft spoken and has that underdog momentum going with him, Harrelson’s character comes across as a complete and utter redneck asshole whom you don’t give a hoot about at anytime in the film – except maybe when he gets the chance to get it on with Lucy Liu in her only disappointing appearance to date.

Robert Vaughn has a short cameo as an unscrupulous businessman and does it half decently, while there’s a whole lot of product placement for the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas – enough to make one puke. Nevertheless the boxing scenes are quite compelling and give the only real enjoyment to this otherwise pedestrian effort of a flick. This is certainly not a film worth bothering to see at the movies, but makes a watchable video rental.