Release Changes: October 29th 2007

‘Zephyr’ is back with some brief and intriguing release date information:

Juno, the next film from the director of Thank You For Smoking, has been moved up from December 14th 2007 to December 5th.

Seven Pounds, the next collaboration from Will Smith and Gabriele Munnico (The Pursuit of Happyness), will go in the same date-slot as that previous film on December 12th 2008 to face the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. This marks the third straight year in which a Will Smith feature has come out in mid-December.

Oddly, the ensemble drama 21 has been delayed from its namesake March 21st 2008 to March 28th 2008, a weekend already featuring two major releases in Universal’s Wanted and the Weinstein Company’s Superhero!.

Postal, the hyper-controversial film from director Uwe Boll, will finally come out February 1st 2008 despite three comedies already being scheduled for that date. So within a month, America will have to deal with two Uwe Boll films (A Dungeon Siege Tale opens on January 11th).

I Could Never Be Your Woman has simply disappeared from its November 9th date.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights has moved up two days from November 23rd to November 21st, meaning that Thanksgiving Weekend will match October 19th’s record for most wide releases in history.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns will come out Easter Weekend on March 21st, 2008.”