Quick News: Tall, Purge, Venom, Baskets, COD

Quick News Tall Purge Venom Baskets Cod

In The Tall Grass
The first photo has arrived from the new Netflix film adaptation of Stephen King and Joe HIll’s novella “In the Tall Grass”. Laysla De Oliveira and Avery Whitted star as Becky and Cal, two siblings en route to California who stop by a large grass field in Kansas.

Hearing a young boy calling for help somewhere nearby, the two venture in and discover that the grass holds more secrets than they could have ever imagined…and they may never find their way out again. Patrick Wilson, Harrison Gilbertson and Rachel Wilson co-star. The film will premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin at the end of September. [Source: Movieweb]

The Purge 5
Everardo Gout (Nat Geo’s “Mars” series”) has come on board to direct the next installment in “The Purge” franchise for Blumhouse Productions, Platinum Dunes and Universal Pictures.

James DeMonaco will return to write the latest movie which once again centers on a dystopian near future U.S. in the 12 hours per year in which all crime is legal. Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are all on board to produce. [Source: Variety]

Venom 2
Following a report the other day suggesting Andy Serkis could potentially direct a “Venom” sequel, the film’s star Tom Hardy shared a random photo of Serkis in a now-deleted Instagram post – teasing his potential hiring on the sequel to blockbuster which is currently slated for an October 2nd 2020 release. [Source: Screen Rant]

FX has announced that its “Baskets” series will end with the conclusion of its current fourth season on August 22nd to serve as the series finale. The series stars Zach Galifianakis as twin brothers Chip and Dale Baskets along with Louie Anderson and Martha Kelly. [Source: Variety]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Activision and Infinity Ward have revealed the multiplayer premiere trailer for the upcoming “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” reboot. The new title’s aim is to bring first-person action fans, Call of Duty fans, and gamers from all walks of life together in the ultimate multiplayer playground. The game is scheduled for worldwide release on October 25th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.