Power Rangers Reboot Details, Helmet Photos

As fans of the “Power Rangers” franchise eagerly await the first trailer for the upcoming cinematic reboot, the cast and director of the film have spoken with The Nerdist about what to expect in Saban and Lionsgate’s big-budget effort which is said to be a dark reimagining of the concept.

The report indicates the new Power Rangers will pilot the Dinozord robot vehicles in the film which will have the prehistoric-animal inspirations of the original series along with the same corresponding Ranger colors.

Added to that is Bryan Cranston’s alien mentor Zordon who will once more be assisted by the helper robot Alpha 5. The film will also feature a new version of the “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song.

Meanwhile the full versions of both the helmets the cast will wear and the powercoins they will use in the film are on display on the main Comic Con floor. Check out the shots below: