Novel To Reveal The Fate Of Jar Jar Binks

Chuck Wendig’s upcoming novel “Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End” serves as the last of a trilogy of official in-canon books that follow events after the fall of the Galactic Empire in “Return of the Jedi”.

Like the previous two novels, this will rotate between the core plot and a series of one-off short stories exploring various characters in the galaxy. Today, Mashable reports that one of these chapters will catch up with Jar Jar Binks three decades after events in “Revenge of the Sith”:

“One of these is an interlude set on the planet of Naboo. A refugee boy named Mapo encounters a Gungan performing for kids on the streets, clowning around in a fountain twice a day while being studiously avoided by the grown-ups. ‘Meesa Jar Jar,’ says the clown when Mapo introduces himself.”

Now effectively a public clown, forgotten by the galaxy at large and haunted by his mistakes in the prequel trilogy which saw Chancellor Palpatine take over and install himself as Emperor, it actually sounds like a dark end for the goofy and widely disliked CG character.

“Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End” hits bookshelves next Tuesday.