No Guarantee Of A Fourth “Star Trek”

Last year around the time of “Star Trek Beyond” hitting cinemas, there was reportedly already a plan in place for a fourth film in the rebooted franchise – one that would go past the initial three-film contract of all the major cast and would potentially include a return cameo by Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father.

Since then though, nothing really has happened. ‘Beyond’ scored decent reviews, despite a troubled production, and the box-office was decidedly disappointing. On Friday, Spock actor Zachary Quinto spoke with Today and suggested the project is in limbo at the moment:

“I know that they are working on a script for another one and we’ll see how that all plays out, but the nice thing about that experience is that the time in between those big tentpole films allows us to go off and cultivate a lot of different creative experiences for ourselves. … I’m hopeful that we’ll do another one, but there’s no guarantee.”

Not long ago his co-star Zoe Saldana expressed a similar sentiment about wanting the film to be made but unsure of how it’s progressing. The project certainly hasn’t been cancelled, but the studio doesn’t seem in a rush to move forward either.

The franchise will return to screens soon though with “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access this Fall.