“New Mutants” Director On Its PG-13 Rating

New Mutants Director On Its Pg 13 Rating

Following the new trailer for “The New Mutants” arriving yesterday, over two years after the first trailer debuted back in October 2017, the film’s writer-director Josh Boone has answered a question about the movie’s rating online.

At one point during the film’s production there was talk the movie could be the first R-rated “X-Men” film, a true hardcore horror rather than a safer PG-13 teen-friendly affair.

Boone has now shot down those rumors, saying despite the recent success of R-rated comic book adaptations, the project was always envisioned as a PG-13 film: “The movie has always been and will always be PG-13. There was never a plan for an R-rated movie.”

One famous creator to work on the comic’s title, Bill Sienkiewicz, tweeted an endorsement of the rating in a response: “Scary film at PG-13. The atmosphere, mystery, & tone of Josh’s direction makes it work. The cast is stellar, not horror tropes who split from the group 1 by 1 like idiots only to get offed. They’re a team united; forged by the horror, and that’s new take. Bravo Josh & Co.”

The PG-13 rated “The New Mutants” hits cinemas on April 3rd.

Source: Twitter