Netflix Sets New Viewership Ratings Method

Netflix Sets New Viewership Ratings Method

As part of an investor call, Netflix has released some viewership data today along with explaining a new way it is calculating viewership.

According to the streamer, Michael Bay’s new action film “6 Underground” was watched by 83 million member households in its first four weeks of release. In the same time period, the buzzed-about “The Witcher” was watched by 76 million member households and the animated “Klaus” was watched by 40 million member households.

However all three projects fall under the new counting system which counts accounts that watch at least two minutes of a program as a view, rather than the ‘at least 70%’ of a film or TV episode marker they previously used.

Netflix says this new metric is a shift from ‘watched’ to ‘chose to watch’, and aligns with practices used by other streamers such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube – in other words less like TV ratings and more like internet content. That change is said to boost the overall numbers by around 35%.

Netflix also indicated “The Irishman,” “​Marriage Story​” and ​”The Two Popes” were popular with their viewers, but wouldn’t disclose those numbers.

In terms of rivals, Netflix appears not to have been impacted much by the arrival of Disney+. The service picked up an additional 420,000 streaming customers in the U.S. and 8.33 million overseas in the year-end 2019 quarter. They ended the year with 167.1 million streaming customers worldwide including 61 million in the U.S. and 106 million internationally.

Source: THR