More Details On “Jurassic World” Short

More Details On Jurassic World Short

Following the reveal yesterday that a new live-action “Jurassic World” short film going by the name “Battle at Big Rock” will air on FX this Sunday, more details about the short have emerged.

The eight-minute short is set to go online immediately after its airing and director Colin Trevorrow has spoken with Collider and revealed that the story takes place a year after the events of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”.

Andre Holland, Natalie Martinez and child actors Melody Hurd and Pierson Salvador star as a family who have an encounter with two dinosaurs in the redwood forests of a national park in Northern California. Trevorrow explains how the short came about:

“Universal asked if I’d be interested in making a short film and I didn’t give them any time to reconsider. I wrote it with Emily Carmichael, who is co-writing Jurassic World 3. It felt like a first step into a larger world after the last film. You have these animals loose in an unfamiliar environment, they’re disoriented, struggling to adapt.

The first people they run into are bound to be camping. I wanted to see that. If [the end of Fallen Kingdom] really happened, you’d see a series of random disconnected incidents that would create a pattern of chaos. I wanted to see one of those incidents.”

The project was secretly shot in Dublin, Ireland and focuses on two new dinosaurs to the franchise – a full size Allosaurus, and a “beautiful herbivore” called a Nasutoceratops. Amie Doherty will provide the score for the short.