Midnight Meat Train Being Dumped?

Lionsgate has pretty much dumped the Clive Barker adaptation “Midnight Meat Train” reports Shock Til You Drop.

Studio insiders confirm the studio is planning a short and limited 100 screen release on August 1st with a quick DVD release (likely in October) soon to follow.

In fact the only reason for the theatrical release apparently is to fulfill Lionsgate’s contractual obligation with Lakeshore Entertainment to give it some sort of theatrical run.

The Ryuhei Kitamura-directed film stars Bradley Cooper as an acclaimed photographer trying to capture the darker side of New York City’s underground, only to cross paths with a serial killer named Mahogany (Vinnie Jones).

Early word on the film, though not stellar, was good and offered better response than the increasingly maligned sequels to their “Saw” films.

The studio’s schedule may have come into play here as well. Known mostly for widely dismissed but profitable films involving either torture porn or Tyler Perry, the studio does have a few notable features in late 2008 – namely Oliver Stone’s “W”, Bill Maher’s “Religulous”, the “Punisher” sequel and Frank Miller’s “The Spirit”.