McCrory Set, Ola Rapace Joins “Skyfall”

The previously rumored Helen McCrory is now confirmed to have joined “Skyfall”, the twenty-third James Bond movie which is currently shooting in London.

McCrory (“The Queen,” “Harry Potter”) was floated as a cast member a few weeks ago but her name didn’t appear on the official start-of-production press release last week. Now, the official Bond Twitter account confirmed her casting and once again wouldn’t elaborate on what role.

The account also threw a completely new name into the mix – Ola Rapace (“Beyond,” “Wallander”), the ex-husband of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Sherlock Holmes” actress Noomi Rapace. Like McCrory, we’ve no details on his role for now.

Actor Ralph Fiennes also briefly spoke about the film with IFC saying that this film is going to be a big ones for long-term fans of the series – “They’re doing something quite special I think. I think they’re going to be great for Bond… this is just a great piece of screenwriting and the human drama at the center of this is quite affecting.”