McBride On Mr. Machine & Highness

Danny McBride (“The Foot Fist Way,” “Pineapple Express”) talked with CHUD recently about his upcoming project “Mr. Machine”.

“We’re turning that [script] in to Universal next week. It’s our take on those old Amblin films – it follows around these science fair geeks that construct this robot that get a life of its own. It’s like… I don’t know, a Short Circuit zombie movie.”

David Gordon Green (“Superbad,” “Pineapple Express”) co-wrote the script and may helm it as well – “[It’s] something we wrote before all of this happened, and we went back and dug it out and reinvented it. David originally had no interest in directing it, but now after where we’ve gotten this puppy, he has more interest in it.”

The pair are also developing “Your Highness” which he describes as an R-rated low-budget take on the likes of “Krull” and “Dragonslayer” – “We’re not making fun of the genre, we’re making a movie that looks like that and feels like that, and uses those old special effects. David, I think, is great about hitting tones like that.”