Man Sues Over The “X-Men” Cartoon Theme

Man Sues Over The X Men Cartoon Theme

Florida resident Zoltan Krisko has reportedly filed suit against Marvel, Apple, Amazon, Fox, and Disney along with some others reports Deadline.

The allegation? That the classic 1990s “X-Men” animated series theme song is an unauthorized reproduction of the theme song to Hungarian TV series “Linda”.

That series boasted a theme written by composer Gyorgy Vukan who passed away in 2013 and Vukan’s estate passed through a will to Krisko who then registered the copyright to the Linda theme song in the United States in 2017.

Krisko, acting as his own legal counsel, is reportedly claiming that the theme song is at least in part responsible for the success of every “X-Men” adaptation of the past thirty years – including the films which have never used the theme song.

Krisko is seeking compensation from essentially every entertainment entity that has shared in the property’s success – Amazon and Apple for example because the series is available for rental and purchase on their streaming services.

You can hear both the “X-Men” and “Linda” theme songs below.