Kristen Stewart Talks The “Snow White” Scandal

Kristen Stewart Talks The Snow White Scandal

Ahead of “Charlie’s Angels” hitting cinemas later this month, actress Kristen Stewart has been doing the press rounds for the property and kicked off her interviews with a trip to the Howard Stern show (via The Daily Mail) where the topic of an old scandal emerged.

In 2012, Stewart starred as the lead in Rupert Sanders’ live-action “Snow White and the Huntsman” which proved a hit and lead to a sequel “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” four years later. However, Stewart wasn’t involved in the sequel, and she tells Stern she believes she wasn’t asked back due to a highly-publicized apparent relationship with Sanders where it appeared that he cheated on his wife with Stewart.

Both, but in particular Stewart, became the butt of many jokes even as Stewart says it was all “blown out of proportion”. She goes on to say: “I did not f–k him” though did admit to kissing him in what she freely admits was an error of judgement and so she understands why people assumed they had hooked up:

“You make out with a dude in public, it definitely looks like you did [have sex]. We lived in a different time then, you know what I mean? I feel like the slut-shaming that went down was so absurd. And they should’ve put me in that movie! It would’ve been better. Not to be a d–k, but… they didn’t put me in that movie because I went through such a highly publicized scandal, and so they were like scared of touching that.”

Stewart got her own back though as the “Huntsman” sequel closed out with just $165 million worldwide, less than half the gross of its 2012 predecessor. Stewart’s “Charlie’s Angels” hits cinemas November 15th.