King’s “Survivor Type” Adapted For “Creepshow”

Kings Survivor Type Adapted For Creepshow

Back in the 1980s when horror anthologies were a thing, numerous short story works of Stephen King made the jump to the screen including famously ‘The Raft’ which served as part of the second “Creepshow” film.

Now with a new “Creepshow” TV series on the way for Shudder, special effects make-up artist Greg Nicotero has confirmed that one of the episodes is set to be an adaptation of King’s cannibalism-themed short story “Survivor Type”.

That story follows a disgraced surgeon who ends up on a remote island in the Pacific after the cruise ship he was on sinks. With no food, few supplies, and a bunch of cocaine, he begins amputating his own body parts and eating them to survive.

Each episode of the “Creepshow” series will be helmed by a different director and will feature make-up effects from Nicotero’s KNB EFX Group. It will premiere on Shudder sometime this year.

The short story was featured in the collection “Skeleton Crew” which also boasted stories like “The Mist,” “Here There Be Tygers,” “Word Processor of the Gods” and the aforementioned “The Raft”.

Source: Slashfilm