Jenkins Not Yet Signed For “Wonder Woman 2”

In a surprising revelation considering all the fuss this weekend, THR has revealed that only Gal Gadot has an option on her contract for the “Wonder Woman” sequel, and that director Patty Jenkins had been hired for just one film.

The trade indicates this is regular procedure at the studio now, particularly for filmmakers making their first blockbuster feature. However, that could backfire as Jenkins has become almost as central as Gadot in the selling and success story of the film, which means to get her back may cost them more.

Negotiations will apparently get underway soon with Jenkins but there’s no clear production date for the follow-up as yet. Jenkins is keeping busy though as The Live Feed indicates she’s working on a project called “Riprore” for horror streaming service Shudder.

The story was conceived by Jenkins’ husband, Sam Sheridan, and focuses on the heart of gangland Los Angeles where a gruesome discovery sparks a frenetic homicide investigation, but underneath the surface lurks a darkness that leads to the end of days. It’s presently not clear if “Riprore” is a film, TV series or web series and to what extent her involvement is.