“IT: Chapter Two” Scribe Teases Some Details

It Chapter Two Scribe Teases Some Details

Following in the wake of yesterday’s first trailer release, “IT: Chapter Two” scribe Gary Dauberman has spoken about the new film and the clip launch which has already drawn a bunch of reaction – much of it highly positive.

Speaking with Heat Vision, Dauberman confirmed one of the more brutal moments from the book that wasn’t included in the 1990 TV miniseries makes it in here – the death of Adrian Mellon who will be played by celebrated actor/filmmaker Xavier Dolan.

The scene in question involves three bullies committing a hate crime, bashing a young gay man who is thrown off a bridge – only to be subsequently graphically murdered by Pennywise. In the book the beating is what triggers the clown’s rise from hibernation:

“It is an iconic scene in the book and one we wanted to include in the movie. It is the first attack in present-day Derry and sets the stage for what Derry has become. It is the influence of Pennywise even while he is hibernating, and it’s pure evil what happens to Adrian. These bullies working through Pennywise was important for us to show.”

The writer won’t say how much the young Losers will be back in this one, but does suggest it’s more than a simple cameo: “Fans of the first film will be pleased. They’re definitely a presence in this movie.”

In addition, he also discussed tone saying Chapter Two is: “definitely bloodier than the first and it is just as scary, if not scarier. The two movies feel like a complete whole. This feels like a natural progression and extension of the first.”

Warner Bros. and New Line will debut “IT: Chapter Two” on September 6th.