Have Your Say: “X-Men: First Class”

We’ve had four “X-Men” films up until now – the pretty good first, the very good second, the deeply flawed ‘Last Stand’, and the awful ‘Wolverine’. Now comes the fifth, a part prequel and part reboot which breathes new life into a dying franchise much like “Star Trek”, James Bond and Batman have gotten successful relaunches in recent years.

The critics are mostly loving it. Negatives aren’t very harsh at all and their complaints mostly cite it as being too cheesy at times or there are issues with the convoluted story and a few of the weaker supporting performances. Most however are raving about the richness of the 60’s period setting, the clever scripting, strong characterisation and direction, and solid performances from all – most notably Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence.

On Rotten Tomatoes it has scored 86% positive and a 7.3/10 average score, putting it right up there with “Source Code,” “Bridesmaids” and “Rango” as the best reviewed wide releases of the year thus far. On Metacritic it’s a bit more subdued but still strong 65/100.

I think, and said in my review, it’s the best in the series and the best Marvel comic book movie adaptation to date – certainly smarter and stronger than “Iron Man,” “X2,” “Spider-Man 1 & 2” and “Thor”. Aside from the two Chris Nolan “Batman” films, it’s probably my favourite of the superhero genre since its resurgence over a decade ago.

It’s not perfect by any means, I’ve some issues with some of the minor subplots and kid mutant characters. I also feel the last 10-15 minutes were too rushed and tried to force its way to a point that would’ve been better left explored in a sequel, whereas others have commented about how much they like that finale over the rest of the whole film.

The film has already pulled in a healthy $3.4 million from midnight screenings alone, putting it just ahead of the gross by “Thor” when it hit in early May. “Thor” opened to $65 million, a number “X-Men” will likely end up somewhere near.

Now’s the chance for your say. A spectacular reinvention or a wasted opportunity? Would you be keen on further sequels with this cast?

As always, while it’d be better if people didn’t discuss spoilers – they will no doubt come up so be forewarned.