Fox Reducing Slate To Four Films A Year

Fox Reducing Slate To Four Films A Year

20th Century Studios, formerly 20th Century Fox, will spend this year burning off the last seven non-“Avatar” projects greenlit under the administration in charge before Disney acquired the studio.

After that though? Expect the label’s slate to become thinner – a LOT thinner. A new report from THR goes into the stepping down of vice chairman and president of production Emma Watts from her post. It also explores the changes happening at the studio turned Disney subsidiary.

Part of Watts’ decision to leave is reportedly due to Disney’s new mandate for the former studio which includes a release schedule of just four films theatrically each year – with their focus shifting more to making product for the streaming platforms Disney+ and Hulu. 20th Century Fox previously churned out around seven films each year in addition to their TV output.

Bill Mechanic, former CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, tells the trade: “I don’t think the label means anything anymore. It’s a repository for rights to either remake pictures or use characters. You’re making four movies a year out of branded product.”

Fox’s next film is the $125 million family-friendly “The Call of the Wild” which, according to tracking estimates, is headed for a weak debut of somewhere around $15 million. The report comes as the official Twitter account for 20th Century Studios’ X-Men world-set horror superhero feature “The New Mutants” has released a new poster ahead of the film’s April 3rd release. Check that out below.