First Trailer: “John Wick Chapter 2”

Lionsgate has premiered the first trailer and a new international poster for the Keanu Reeves-led sequel “John Wick: Chapter 2” following its panel at New York Comic Con.

Those on the panel participated in an Q&A and while they won’t say whether retired assassin Wick’s new dog makes it through this one. The film takes place just four days after the events of the first film and the key macguffin will be something referred to as ‘The Marker’. Ian McShane was asked what his character is doing in the film to which he dryly replied “Still running the hotel, what do you think?”

The panel followed on from a seven-minute preview of the tie-in virtual reality first-person shooter game for the HTC Vive VR headset which was demoed on Thursday. The game, titled “John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye,” is set to launch on Steam around the time of the film’s release on February 10th.