First PlayStation 5 CPU & GPU Details?

A new report in Forbes has revealed that AMD has designed its new Navi graphics architecture (GPU) specifically for use in the PlayStation 5 which has yet to be announced.

Sources for the publication say the next generation console will use AMD’s Zen for the CPU, the same one used in top of the range Ryzen brand gaming desktops.

The Navi is expected use the 7nm process and their source says two-thirds of the staff working on the Radeon RX Vega graphics card and other projects were diverted to work on the Navi instead.

Their source also says Microsoft was never mentioned in the Navi conversations with their next gen of consoles, dubbed ‘Scarlett’ for now, and they’re likely going with a separate semi-custom solution.

The talk follows on from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera reportedly saying in May that the PlayStation 4 is ‘entering the final phase of its life cycle’.