“Fallout” Trailer Twist & ‘Mission’ In Space Talk

Fallout Trailer Twist Mission In Space Talk

When Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” in February, the trailer hinted at a plot spoiler that came to be true in the film.


Indeed the various trailers for the movie, and the film’s overall promotional push, didn’t hide much in terms of narrative twists and details of the film’s key action sequences including the helicopter finale. That was a deliberate choice says director Christopher McQuarrie whilst speaking on the Empire podcast this week.

The helmer says the switch of Henry Cavill’s August Walker to outright antagonist was originally going to be made even clearer in the trailers because producer and star Tom Cruise wanted it that way – it was a deliberate choice not to obfuscate or sell the film as something it wasn’t:

He [Cruise] goes, ‘Here’s the one thing I don’t want. I don’t want the audience to be disappointed when they find out he’s a bad guy.’ He said, ‘If we set up Hunt and Walker wrong, the audience is going to be expecting them to be buddies at the end of the film. And if we get to the end of the film and that’s disappointing, we’re dead. However you create this dynamic, just let them know that this is not the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This is all gonna end badly.’ And he was right. His instincts were absolutely right.”

Ultimately Paramount decided instead to try to hide the fact that August Walker was one of the main villains due to spoiler concerns, though enough remains to make the logical leap.


Separately, an interview Cruise did with Collider a while back has just come out with actor asked whether the film series will ever go into space. Cruise says it is actually something they have considered but they’re not sure just yet how to pull it off:

“We’ve thought about it. It’s like how do we do it? It’s the mechanics of getting it there. How do you build a sequence there and how long can we have that sequence? Because if I went up and just dropped, it’s the kind of time – how do you put that into the structure of a screenplay of a Mission?

When we’re doing these things, there’s so much story going on. As opposed to just a cool shot, we want character and story going throughout. I can’t help but look at that building up here or at the Eiffel Tower and seeing stories. What could the team do and what could we do? But we have thought about that.”

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” is now out in cinemas everywhere.