“Endgame” Final Trailer Breaks Records

Endgame Final Trailer Breaks Records

Last week’s full trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” reportedly tacked up 268 million views during its first day of release, making it the second most watched trailer launch of all time behind only the same film’s teaser trailer in December.

It’s especially impressive considering the trailer was released without any fanfare or promotion ahead of time, Marvel opting to just drop it on a random weekday not tied to an event and not teased or ‘launched’ via a program.

The trailer has also been widely praised for the way, like the teaser, it doesn’t really spoil anything. A few hours ago, Marvel Studios Digital Marketing VP Dustin Sandoval asked fans on Twitter) if they wanted another trailer before the film’s release.

The overwhelming response seems to be ‘No’ with many loving the fact that so little is actually known about the movie. While there may be some more brief bits of footage coming in TV spots in the lead up to the film’s release, it’s likely all the major stuff they are going to reveal has been done by this point.

Source: Marvel Studios