Elijah Wood Talks Amazon’s “Rings” Series

Elijah Wood Talks Amazons Rings Series

Amazon is forking out big bucks to bring “The Lord of the Rings” back to life with the estimated $1 billion in total investment in a prequel TV series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels.

Speaking to IndieWire, former ‘Rings’ film trilogy star Elijah Wood spoke about blockbuster filmmaking these days and how it relates to the original films, as well as Amazon’s upcoming series.

Asked about Amazon’s massive investment, which makes it the most expensive series in history, he says:

“That’s crazy to me. That wouldn’t have happened back then because the Tolkien estate didn’t know what they had as much as they do now. It’s all a product of the world they live in. They know now what they have, they know how lucrative it is.

The thing that was wild about ‘Lord of the Rings’ was that it felt like an independent movie, made by New Line in New Zealand. It was kind of tucked away. If that movie was made now, it would be under very different circumstances, and a much larger machine. That doesn’t mean it can’t have soul. It’s just harder to do that.

We have no idea what this is going to be like, and it could be great. Maybe they’ll go to New Zealand and shoot a bit there for visual continuity. Who knows? ‘Lord of the Rings’ just felt like a movie made by this small cottage industry out of New Zealand that had never made anything on that scale before. It’s a completely untested thing. But I’ll be watching. I’m curious.”

Amazon has yet to set a schedule for its “Lord of the Rings” series which has yet to announce a cast or key producers, though there has been talk that production could begin before year’s end.