Disney Won’t Be Changing Release Windows

Disney Wont Be Changing Release Windows

If it weren’t for Disney tentpoles from Marvel to Star Wars to all their other fare, the global box-office would be in dire straits at the moment.

Tentpole blockbusters are the one kind of feature that seems to be immune to the exodus to streaming, they are the films people are willing to get out of their seats and actually head to a cinema to see.

Theatrical distribution has yet to be heavily impacted by the rise of streaming, even if it seems like there are fewer wide releases than usual. Of those, Disney dominates the playing field and thus the box-office.

Understandably, whilst speaking at the recent investors call, Disney CEO Bob Iger says he’s quite happy with the status quo and has no issue with sticking to the current theatrical distribution model and its 90-day exclusivity window:

“The theatrical window is working for this company, and we have no plans to adjust it for our business. We had the biggest box office, but we’re not the only movie company. I suspect [theatrical company’s stock performance is] not due to us, or either a lack of conviction on our part, or any suspicion that we might not be telling the truth.”

Disney had seven films last year that got past the $1 billion worldwide box-office mark. It will release 20th Century Studios’ “The Call of the Wild” February 21st and opens its live-action “Mulan” remake late next month.

Source: IndieWire