Disney+ Screwing Up “Simpsons” & “Ducktales”

Disney Screwing Up Simpsons Ducktales

The launch of the Disney+ streaming service on Tuesday was marred by some dropouts and technology issues which improved as the day wore on. With the service now up and running for the most part, users have begun to explore and have found some other unexpected issues to have cropped up.

Specifically, there’s a big problem with long-running cartoon “The Simpsons”. The 30 full seasons to have aired so far are available on the service, but users quickly noticed that the first nineteen are in the wrong aspect ratio. The original 4:3 broadcasts have been stretched to a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

In the process, they have cut chunks off the top and bottom of the screen, a big issue for a show which is packed with visual gags and so some of those now are out of the frame. At other points, it has been discovered some shots are being “stretched” in unusual ways.

That’s not all though as the rebooted “DuckTales” cartoon has come to the service and users have discovered the episodes are currently out of order. To help fans in the meantime, writer Frank Angones has shared a photo of the proper order of episodes to have aired so far.

Source: Collider