David Zandi Wanted For Persia

David K. Zandi is a movie executive with an interesting background – he’s a genuine Persian prince.

As one of the last male members of the Zand dynasty, the multi-talented Zandi has fencing, Roman sword fighting, equestrian, acting and modeling skills.

The IESB now reports that in a 2.5 year market research poll of 15 million people worldwide, Zandi was overwhelmingly picked as the man who should play the title character in Disney’s Summer 2009 tentpole “Prince of Persia”.

Zandi scored 70% of the vote in a worldwide poll, easily beating nearest rivals like “Heroes” star Sendhil Ramamurthy (8%), Orlando Bloom (7%) and James McAvoy (6%). In the US domestic poll his win was almost as big with 60% of the vote, ahead of “10,000 B.C.” star Steven Strait (14%) and “Step Up” hunk Channing Tatum (10%).

Mike Newell directs this film adaptation of the hit video game series which is scheduled to go into production this Summer.