Cruise Flying Air Force Jets For Top Gun 2″

Not long ago came word that the release of “Top Gun 2: Maverick” was being delayed almost a year, though why wasn’t really clear beyond the obvious advantage move to an early Summer 2020 bow.

Now The Sun is reporting that the film’s star Tom Cruise is partly responsible, saying that he has put the filming of “Top Gun 2: Maverick” on hold so that he can learn to fly a fighter jet – making him the first actor in cinematic history to truly fly a fighter jet on the big screen.

A source for the paper says: “Tom is well known for doing his own stunts and the Top Gun sequel is no different… He prides himself on making the action sequences as realistic as possible… He won’t film all the flight sequences, it’s too dangerous, but he will fly some, making him the first actor in cinema history to do so.”

“Top Gun 2” has been filming around the Los Angeles and San Diego areas for the last few months.